Certification for MLS Organizations

Class A, B & C

MLS-EBP Certification program

The objective of this certification program for European MLS organizations is to ensure a form of clear consistency between them in terms of:

  • Respect of the neutrality in terms of modes of organization, operation and governance of local and national MLS organizations,
  • Respect of the clients’ interest within the best practices and collaborative rules regulating the relationship between Brokers and agents members of Local or national MLS organization,
  • Operating efficient processes and regulatory bodies within the local or national MLS organizations,
  • Operating efficient Agents learning and local MLS Members certification program
  • High level of commitment of the organization in the development of their membership, both in terms of number of members and level of adoption of the MLS collaborative approach,
  • Search for a high level of representativeness of the organization, as much with the professionals of the industry, as with the customers, as with the representative organizations of the industry, as with the public authorities,
  • Requirement to adopt a name using the acronym “MLS”
  • Requirement to use a MLS-EDD certified MLS system provider.

Each new MLS Europe member are required to be in compliance with MLS-EPB and/orMLS-EDD standards within 12 months of the standard being ratified by MLS Europe, then he can show this compliance with a label “Certified MLS Europe”.