What is MLS ?

What is MLS ?

The MLS - Multiple Listing Service - is a regulated collaborative model for the real estate industry.

The concept was born in the United States where it has soon become the unique standard of operation in the market, recognized by professionals as well as by buyers and sellers. Today, the MLS model is also becoming a reference in Europe for the organization of the industry, always respecting the interest of clients.

Principles of Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Based on the pooling of the exclusive multi-diffused listings of professionals, the collaboration within local MLS organizations is favoring the fluidity and transparency of real estate transactions, mercy to its common rules regulating:

The diffusion and sharing
of information

The collaboration relationship between professionals

The collaborative skills and certification of the Agents & Brokers

How does it works ?


Diffusion & Sharing
of information

A single agency, a unique approach

If you want to sell or buy real estate, by choosinga sole agent who is part of the MLS, your project will benefit from themomentum of all real estate agents.

A wide dissemination, a wider choice

If you are selling your property it will be disseminatedvia all MLS agencies. If you are looking to buy a property, your MLS agencywill give you access to a comprehensive database.


Benefits of the collaboration between professionals

Saving time, Proven Effectiveness

Real-time management and dissemination of properties for sale allows a comprehensive, up-to-date and quick view of the market for all customers.

The Big Data of Real Estate

The MLS database is a unique basis for the references of properties sold on the market, and is an ideal tool to get a fair estimate of a property.


Benefits of the MLS certification of the Agents & Brokers

A charter of good conduct

All MLS agencies are subject to strict checks and the establishment of procedures which regulate all property operations: putting it on the market, advertising and property visits, managing offers to purchase, negotiating and concluding the sale.

Transparent Listings

The exclusive multiple MLS mandate quite transparently guarantees sellers the conditions for the sharing of their properties to the MLS community.

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