MLS Europe Standards

Two Collaborative Standards

MLS Europe has developed for its Members two collaborative standards that ensure transparency, interoperability and compliance for the entire real estate industry to innovate, and give consumers a better experience.

MLS-EBP for MLS Organizations

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MLS-EDD for MLS Solutions Providers
& Technology Partners

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MLS Europe Best Practices standard

MLS-EBP for MLS Organizations

An Objective of Clear Consistency

The objective of this standard is to ensure a form of clear consistency between the different European MLS Organizations in terms of:

  • Modes of operation, governance and development of local MLS organizations
  • Respect of the clients’ interest within the best practices and collaborative rules
  • Regulating the relationship between MLS members
  • Processes and modes of operation of regulatory bodies within MLS organizations
  • Agents learning and MLS Members certification program

Scope of the Standard

  • Objectives and missions of the MLS
  • General operating principles of the MLS
  • Principles of conflict prevention and handling within the MLS
  • Main ethical and compliance rules within the MLS
  • Listings uploading rules within the MLS
  • Business sharing principles within the MLS
  • Principles and rules of operation for visits within the MLS
  • Principles and rules processing offers to purchase within the MLS
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MLS Europe Data Dictionary & API Set Standard

MLS-EDD for Technology Providers & Partners

An Objective of Efficiency

The objective of this European standard for MLS Solution Providers and Technological Partners is to ensure:

  • Respect of the property and the valorization of the data of the MLS organizations.
  • Relevance and efficiency of the functional perimeters of the MLS platforms.
  • Best consideration by these platforms of the fundamental principles and rules of MLS.
  • Fluidity of exchanges between the different MLS platforms, and between MLS platforms and other added value technological tools for real estate agents.

Standardizing the Real Estate Data

Every piece of brokerage technology that touches industry data is enhanced through MLS Europe standards. From broker back-office tools to websites, CRMs, apps, API and reporting tools, technology improves and integrates faster when data is standardized.

The MLS-EDD ensures every system can speak the same language. It defines real estate data in consistent terms and structures. The MLS-EDD is a template for building systems that are flexible, scalable, and that will more easily integrate with other tools.

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