Certification for MLS Technology Partners

Class D

MLS-EDD Certification program

The MLS Europe Data Dictionary is the real estate industry’s universal language for data in Europe. It allows a wide range of systems to talk to each other in a seamless manner.

The MLS-EDD ensures every system can speak the same language. It defines real estate data in consistent terms and structures. The MLS-EDD is a template for building systems that are flexible, scalable, and that will more easily integrate with other tools.

By becoming a member, and subject to the applicant being successful, the MLS providers and the Technology partners agree to the following commitments:

  • Data ownership: all data collected is the exclusive property of the MLS Association or Organization
  • RGPD: The partners undertake to comply with the RGPD rules and regulations
  • Data dictionary: The MLS Providers and The Technology Partners will support the standardized exchange format called MLS-Europe Data Dictionary (MLS-EDD).
  • Data exchange: the MLS providers agree to interoperability via API specified in MLS-EDD section.
  • Secure Member Authentication: with this functionality, all the Partners can use asingle sign-on for members (SSO),

Each new MLS Europe member are required to be in compliance with MLS-EPB and/orMLS-EDD standards within 12 months of the standard being ratified by MLS Europe, then he can show this compliance with a label “Certified MLS Europe”.